When we started off, there was very few centres for children with disabilities and youth in Bangalore. Most of them were focused on computer training and no one paid much attention to skills and placement. Sama Foundation majorly focused on training youth and children who were differently abled. Much work was needed to be done to sensibilize the companies who would hire these skilled youth. Today, nearly 600 children and more than 700 youth have been educated and trained by SAMA.

  1. Livelihoods & Income Generation



    At least one member of a migrant household acquires a fresh skill/get upskilled and gain livelihood to increase household income.

  2. Public Health



    1. Protect and train community health workers (CHW) on pandemic preparedness and using digital tools
    2. Support vulnerable communities in protecting themselves from Covid-19.

  3. Education



    1. Bridge the educational and digital divide through techno-pedagogy and virtual learning in government schools in a Covid-safe environment
    2. Ensure continuity of education and remediation in community settings especially for young girls and adolescents.

  4. Live Inclusive



    A Campaign to break the negative attitude towards people with disability

  5. Why this intervention



    The negative attitudes that are held towards disabled people and way other people act towards them can have a huge impact on how disabled people view themselves and their role in society. An occasional moment of rudeness or being ignored may be a minor inconvenience or annoyance. But the more it happens, the more the impact adds up. Negative attitudes from others can be one of the biggest barriers to disabled people living life the way they want, and more needs to be done to tackle them.

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