Education for All

Literacy means the ability to read and write, whereas education is finding out the reason behind everything and using skills to improve their lives. Therefore, not only the youths but even others need to be educated too; including underprivileged and children with or without disabilities

Why this intervention

Childhood is the most crucial period in a person’s life because growth and development happen in this period and Nurturing environment is important for child to grow up into a well- adjusted person. “Safe and secure environment free of physical, emotional, and other kinds of trauma gives the child a feeling of wellbeing, which enhances the growth and development”, but this is been onlyamyth than a reality.

1. In India, children’s vulnerabilities, and exposure to violations of their protection rights remain spread and multiple in nature.

2. These circumstances are vulnerable to discrimination from individuals, community, and institutions. In daily life, their abilities and capacities are underestimated, and their needs are given low priority.

3. They face physical abuse, sexual violence, exploitation, and lack of recognition of their equal humanity by their families and communities and emotional disturbances are not systematically addressed.

4. children living in difficult circumstance, schools are often unable to serve the holistic needs of children. Schools may either focus on one or two aspects of the child’s development, oftendue to resource constraints, skills, and knowledge.

5. Apart of children with disabilities, there are many childrenfrom othermarginalizedgroups are also facing challenges in exercising their Educational rights due to various reason, but some of the major reason are.

1. Psycho-social problems (emotional disturbance)
2. Not able to cope with regular teaching methodologies.
3. Stress
4. Poverty


To help build a society where children with disabilities are equally treated with others providing them much needed support and education to follow their dreams.


We work with a system similar to schools to ensure that our children not only learn but also grow in a friendly-creative environment. Our teachers work very closely with each student to build a strong relationship with them.



We have been using resources and medical aid to help our children to sustain the day-to-day difficulties and challenges. So far, we have happily been able to erase the discomforts and put a precious smile on their faces.



We have been using resources and medical aid to help our children to sustain the day-to-day difficulties and challenges.

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